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When Spike, an ancient savage warrior who murdered Norman's father is revived, Norman struggles with his fear and doubt as he tries to find a way to defeat his old enemy and finally lay his father's s

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original title: Norman's Conquest

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Horror,Thriller



duration: 30min




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When Spike, an ancient savage warrior who murdered Norman's father is revived, Norman struggles with his fear and doubt as he tries to find a way to defeat his old enemy and finally lay his father's spirit to rest. I like the random bit of poetry at the beginning that Virgil reads. At least it sounds a lot like Virgil, they don't show who it is.. Speaking of voices, it's ridiculously obvious it's Rob Paulson also doing the one of the annoying negative British stereotype scientist guy. When Max meets him it's a pretty good example of someone talking to himself(!) If ya look fast enough you can spot Ernie in the classroom! Okay, for what it's worth this action-packed episode is apparently 'adapted' from the Horror Head "Mighty Max Hammers Spike", although the miniature version of Spike was a very different conception to what they did with him in this. It must have been hard work, but also a lot of fun being the group of animators and episode developers who had to look at the toys and think, what kind of story can we make out of this one? And no way in hell was this show ever some cheap gimmick designed to promote the toys. I've seen cartoons like that, they don't last and nobody remembers them. This show was special, and in my opinion eventually came to outshine and outlive the toy series. ::: Spike sure was one crazy bloodthirsty dude. He was kinda like a deranged, evil version of Norman. He certainly seemed to get to Norman quick to say that he woke up on the other side of the world and didn't have access to the portals himself or, screw the rules, we have plot dammit! He's good enough as a relentless psycho of a bad guy, but there were huge gaping flaws in his character design that bugged the heck out of me. Like his voice, the situation clearly called for something deep or menacing, but it was just irritatingly over-the-top and dumb sounding. I can't believe the guy who did the voice was the same actor who played Robert on "Everybody Loves Raymond!" Also the face was too cartoony and goofy looking for me to take the character seriously. But despite this, he was still seriously mental for a show aimed at kids. He was also a masochist to boot! How do you get a head full of sticks and not die from that s**t!? I think they may have messed with his brain! It's a good fight, but not as fun as Norman's battle against the Doom Dragon - although strangely just like with that epic clash Norman spends the majority of the fight running! In the end he does get the better of the insane savage and drops him to his icy death. Pretty serious stuff. He let him off easy if you ask me, should have lopped-off his head and stuck it on a pike for what he did to his father! Twenty years old and this show is still a blast to watch, it had such a great blend of fantasy action and adventure, combined with the more subtle macabre themes and adult dangers and references to popular movies. Like for instance the look and atmosphere of the beautifully animated scenes set in the ancient past reminded me of "Conan the Barbarian", and the hectic modern action made me think of "Highlander." I love the ending. Always good to have a story that fleshes out and adds to the back-story of one of the main characters in some way, and this gives Norman some more background and emotion at the end. All in all, like most of them it's great fun and very nostalgic for me. Be seeing ya!


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