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A man who tried to stop Nazi soldiers in World War II.

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original title: Walter Defends Sarajevo

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imdb: 7.7

duration: 2h 13min

tags: Das Ist Walter!!!


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Retreating German armies are in desperate need of fuel. Valter, mysterious and charismatic resistance leader can jeopardize their supply. Germans carry out cunning plan in order to eliminate that obstacle. A man who tried to stop Nazi soldiers in World War II. The lyrics of U2's 1997 hit 'Discotheque' apply perfectly to "Valter brani Sarajevo" and sum up my feelings about the movie:

' know you're chewing bubble-gum,*** you know what that is, but you still want some,*** you just can't get enough of that lovie-dovie stuff........'

On one hand, this is another one of the ridiculous state-sponsored war bonanzas taking up a large part of 1960s and '70s Yugoslav cinematography - most of them high on propaganda, cheap stereotypes and tear jerk moments seen coming from a mile away, designed to glorify the struggle of 'Yugoslav peoples' against German occupiers & domestic traitors. However, on the other, it is also a pretty well made 'lemonade with lotsa sugar' action flick with a decent plot and good characters that pull the viewer right in and don't let go.

It, of course, stars Bata Zivojinovic and Ljubisa Samardzic in yet another role that calls for 'Yugoslavia's top duo' to outsmart, outwit and eliminate as many Germans as humanly possible.

Supposedly, "Valter brani Sarajevo" was a hit of huge proportions in China where to this day our boy Bata is an enormous star. Well, I guess billion Chinese can't be wrong. I am a Chinese of the 60s. Agree with everything my fellow Chinese says. The only other film/TV series close in my opinion is Band of Brothers. Not mentioned above is the fact the beautiful music which is such an integral part of the film. The great thing about the film is they don't picture the Germans as stereotypical demons, which makes it more convincing to the audience. I did some research on Yugoslav's part in WWII and would really like to know more about them. Unfortunately, the materials in Chinese and English are very limited. Really want to know about the musicians but no info on them is available either.Also just found out that all the German officers are played by German actors, which makes it very convincing. What is so pathetic is the hero was only ranked #9 of the best Serbian Actors & Actresses... Just dug out the history between the countries within Yugoslav and I can understand why they don't think that highly of the film like the Chinese do.


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